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The Little Bit Foundation Supports Students Living in Poverty

Little Bit Group Photo

Out of all the nonprofits in St. Louis, we believe our members are the most impactful ones in the surrounding community. In honor of that, we would like to recognize The Little Bit Foundation as another WIN Warehouse success story. The Little Bit Foundation is committed to breaking down barriers to learning for students living…

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Criminal Justice Ministry is Improving Our Communities

As a nonprofit, WIN Warehouse believes that a mission-minded organization can and will make a difference. That’s why we’re recognizing Criminal Justice Ministry (CJM), who have been WIN members since May 2018, as a success story. CJM’s mission is to improve our communities by supporting and empowering those impacted by incarceration. A leader of the…

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Mission: St. Louis Empowers People Through Programs

Mission: St. Louis

As important contributors to the St. Louis nonprofit community, WIN Warehouse members all have values that can be found in their respective mission statements. While each and every member is unique, we’d like to highlight one in particular who aims to empower people to transform their lives, families, and neighborhoods. They are known as Mission:…

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Bible Impact Ministries Promotes Spiritual Growth and Leadership

Bible Impact Ministries straps in for a ride on their zipline course.

When are nonprofits able to make an impact? Well to start, the word “impact” means to have a strong effect on someone or something. That explains why nonprofits are constantly working for people and their communities. They even make an impact when it’s simply for one person. WIN is proud to work with all kinds…

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Our Toy Distribution Event Helped Spread More Joy This Year!

This time of the year is made of magic. Children everywhere look forward to hearing reindeer hoofs click quietly atop their houses, finding cookie crumbs and an empty glass of milk on the table, and waking up to beautifully wrapped presents with their names on it. Their joy radiates as brightly as the Christmas lights…

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FACC Is Changing Local Children’s Lives!

Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition

When we think back to the days of our youth, we probably recall happy memories growing up within a caring family, playing with our favorite toys, and going on fun adventures with our best friends. Of course, no family is perfect, but most of us are truly fortunate to have the childhood that we had.…

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WIN Warehouse Gets Up Close and Personal with Central Print!

If you’re a nonprofit member of ours and you’ve received a unique card in the mail from your friends at WIN Warehouse, well… we’ve got quite a story for you, and it involves one of our other members, Central Print. Let’s give you a little backstory first. If you aren’t familiar with them, Central Print…

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Congrats to Brenda Mahr on Her Upcoming Retirement!

We often talk about all of the wonderful non-profits that we work with to help better both St. Louis and the entire world. This month, however, we’re focusing on one special woman who has made a great impact in our city: Brenda Mahr!   Brenda has worked with Employment Connection since 1977 and became the…

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See How DaySpring School of the Arts is Molding Young Lives!

Let’s face it – art makes the world a better place. Gazing at a gorgeous painting or taking in an intricate drawing can evoke an array of emotions within us. Creating art, whether it’s adding the perfect hues to a coloring book or singing in the chorus of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, can give…

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