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Scotch Plains Baptist Church

Scotch Plains Baptist Church is located in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and has been at its present location since 1747. Scotch Plains Baptist Church is a loving community of faith that encourages people to grow in Christ’s love, grace, mercy holiness and wisdom. Scotch Plains Baptist Church’s Deacon of Finance, Michael Jackson had this to say about their relationship with WIN Warehouse:

“The church had a persistent leak in one of the utility rooms and its wet dry vacuum no longer functioned. This is a familiar story for many non-profits. There is a need to replace something but there is the overriding theme of being mindful of the budget. So items aren’t replaced during their life cycle and only purchased when that emergency occurs. At these times the purchase becomes a necessity and the opportunity to search for a favorable deal is lost.

As we began searching for a new wet dry vacuum, we stumbled upon the WIN Warehouse’s website during a google search. After reading the site and WIN’s Mission of providing donated merchandise to non-profits at up to 75% off of retail prices it honestly sounded too good to be true. At that point I clicked the “become a member “button on WIN’s website. In a very short period of time after uploading our tax-id and other requested information, my organization was approved and I was able to login and view the online catalogue.

I found several wet dry vacuums that would more than satisfy our needs. I reached out to get a product description and I was greeted by Tony DiFranco, WIN’s Program Director. Tony responded immediately with the description and we made the first order for the church in October 2020. Scotch Plains Baptist Church’s membership with WIN warehouse has allowed us to replace our non-functioning wet dry vacuum and we have also purchased two commercial upright vacuums in addition to several other everyday necessities. WIN’s site contains so many different types of items that you really need to view it often as they are always adding new items. When we are able to match on something it is indeed a blessing as we are able to acquire something that we might not have bought otherwise or the savings can be redirected to other parts of the ministry.

In addition we have referred WIN to one of our affiliate organizations and WIN has been beyond a blessing to them. Part of our affiliate’s mission as a Camp and Conference Center is food service. During a weekly search of the online catalogue we found a youth salad bar, which is something that was desperately needed. WIN has enabled us to acquire thousands of dollars in necessities that we otherwise would have had to do without or had to give up something else.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much of a joy it is to deal with Tony and his protégée Jessica. I dare say they both go above and beyond in their dealings with their members. They both treat you like family. WIN is indeed something special, I just wish they were located closer to New Jersey so we could visit in person.”

Michael Jackson, Deacon of Finance

Learn more about Scotch Plains Baptist Church at: and follow them on Facebook @SPBC1747!

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