About Us – WIN Warehouse

Clinton Laws, the founder of WIN Warehouse had a special ability to care for others. As a business executive and later as a nonprofit leader, Clinton had unique insight into the operational strengths and challenges of both worlds. However, anyone who knew Clinton knows that it was his passion for helping that people inspired him to create WIN Warehouse.

When Clinton learned of the enhanced deduction offered by the IRS for gifts of excess inventory, he saw a tremendous opportunity to connect nonprofits in need of products and resources with corporations in need of moving their excess inventory. So in 1991, Clinton started a nonprofit dedicated to serving both nonprofits and corporations. Twenty-five years later, WIN Warehouse now serves nonprofits all around the world and some of the most forward-thinking corporations in the U.S.A.

We believe that people like us, need us. We believe in community, collaboration & using the power of good works to bring about change – in our hearts, homes, city, nation and world. We believe in service, beauty, hard work and big dreams. Because dreaming big is the only way to make big dreams come true.

Worldwide Inventory Network Inc. (“WIN”) is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

WIN’s mission is to provide value and mutual sustainability by connecting non-profit organizations with corporate excess inventory.

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