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WIN Product Spotlight: Flashlights and Lanterns

Many nonprofit organizations depend on reliable flashlights and lanterns to stay safe and productive. That’s where WIN Warehouse comes in!

Corporations donate excess inventory to us, thereby saving big on taxes and warehouse space. Then nonprofits save money on resources, allowing them to do more good in their communities.

WIN’s Flashlights and Lanterns

WIN Warehouse carries several types of lighting solutions to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. Whether you’re working in a dimly lit environment or hosting an event outdoors, we have the perfect tools for the job.

On our showroom shelves and online catalog, you can find inspection lights, LED flashlights, handheld flashlights, mini flashlights, Tactical Xenon lanterns, and camping-style lanterns!

Featured WIN Members

We’re shedding light on how two of our nonprofit members save money on the resources they need.

Harambee Youth Training

Harambee Youth Training is a nonprofit based in St. Louis, Missouri, that opened in 1996. Through volunteer community service projects and classroom training, they give at-risk teens the opportunity to gain personal character development and profitable skills in the construction trades. Teens have worked in landscaping, general property maintenance, roofing, painting, tuckpointing, and framing.

Flashlights are an essential tool in this type of work, and over the years, WIN has provided Lester, the Director of Training, with many lights and lanterns for their programs. Learn more about Harambee Youth Training by reading their Member Spotlight from 2021!

St. Louis Hero Network

The St. Louis Hero Network is a nonprofit organization founded by firefighters and veterans in 2018. Its mission is to support local first responders and veterans, their families, and their businesses. Through the organization’s website, anyone can find classes, events, first responder jobs, and hire a hero for contracting needs.

In emergency situations, firefighters need to be able to rely on quality flashlights that can pierce through heavy smoke. WIN is proud to be able to supply our fire department with reliable tools like flashlights at a 75% discount.

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