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Harambee Youth Training

Member Spotlight: Harambee Youth Training

Harambee Youth Training was started in 1996 to give job training and mentorship to a few men. At the time it was part of a small ministry but has grown to become its own separate 501(c)3 organization that provides training to at-risk urban youth to do work in landscaping, property maintenance, roofing and light construction. Their greatest focus is tuckpointing in a city of brick that just needs some care and love.

Harambee Youth Training’s mission has our hearts. They are committed to training youth in the St. Louis area by providing an opportunity for them to gain both personal character development and the necessary work experience to succeed in a work environment. Harambee seeks to connect resources with relationships and we are committed to helping them with that.

WIN’s Contribution

WIN Warehouse has had the pleasure of providing many of the youth working with steel toed boots. When the kids in the program visit the warehouse to get fitted we get to hear of their excitement to help in their community. This summer they have 30 kids participating!


Not only does WIN outfit Harambee with boots but they have also received some big equipment that has impacted other parts of their work. This year alone they have picked up a litter vacuum and pressure washer that now serve to accomplish other projects at the job sites.


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