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Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue

Saving and Supporting Guinea Pigs

Saskia Chiesa started Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue (LAGPR) in 1999, which is the largest guinea pig welfare organization in the United States. They are not only a no-kill, private shelter, but also offer services such as wellness checks, nail clips, and support for previously adopted guinea pigs.

LAGPR has 200+ adoptable animals at any given time. In 2016 alone, they re-homed over 800 guinea pigs and plan to continue rescuing large numbers of animals.

WIN’s Contribution

WIN Warehouse was able to help LAGPR with two large evaporative coolers, which they will use to keep their guinea pigs cool in the upcoming warm weather. We’ve learned that guinea pigs easily overheat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit and they’ve been battling over 118-degree temperatures in Los Angeles, California.

Saskia gave us a shout-out on Facebook that made our day. “Shout-out to WIN Warehouse where nonprofits can receive items they need at greatly reduced rates. The items were donated by all manners of companies. We were able to receive two swamp coolers for the pigs.” WIN is looking forward to finding even more ways to help LAGPR with these adorable little friends!

A Recent Rescue

Their most recent rescue on April 6, 2021 freed approximately 250 guinea pigs from their hoarding situation in Northern California. Many of the females appear to be pregnant, topping their total in the coming weeks to over 400 pigs. Saskia says, “Guinea pigs are such gentle, humble, and innocent little beings. Each one of them has a unique personality with endearing and quirky traits.”

As a fun staff gift, we got the chance to support their mission a bit more by ordering some adorable masks. They are even WIN-themed!

For more adorable pictures of these sweet animals and the organization’s rescue efforts, please visit them at


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