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4 Reasons to Should Try Fundraising Text Campaigns

As a nonprofit, you’ve undoubtedly scouted for the most effective ways to raise funds for your programs. While you may have relied on emails, direct mail, and even phone-a-thons to help you reach your goals, there’s one major market you may be missing: mobile giving.

Even though texting has been around for more than a decade, mobile giving is a relatively new topic nonprofits are beginning to explore. Everywhere you look, you can find people with their phones in hand, answering emails, firing off texts, and perusing social media. As a nonprofit, it’s imperative to be where your potential donors are – and that’s on their phones.

While it’s true that younger users are more likely to donate via smartphone, older generations are becoming increasingly tech-savvy as well. More than ever, people are accessing the Internet through their mobile phones instead of desktops and laptops, and they are connecting with one another via text. In fact, Forrester Research found that six billion text messages are sent every day in the United States, making it the most popular form of digital communication. If you haven’t created a mobile giving strategy, then now is the time!

Here are 4 crucial reasons why you should give text campaigns a try for your next fundraiser:

It’s Convenient – Our phones are practically glued to us these days. In fact, the average American checks their phone more than 85 times a day, which means that you’re more likely to reach your audience. With just a few swift clicks, your donors can donate to your campaign without any fuss and then carry on with their day.

Phone Numbers Stay the Same – People move, discontinue their landline services, and change email addresses, which can wreak havoc on your fundraising campaigns. Rarely do they change their mobile numbers. This allows you to more effectively reach your potential donors no matter where they wind up or which services they choose to discontinue.

It Helps You Amass Data Efficiently – As soon as your donors give, you will be able to collect their names, phone numbers, and email addresses easily and effectively. Place this data within a spreadsheet to stay organized and remain prepared for your next campaign appeal.

It Can Reach Donors’ Hearts – Text messages are typically more personal than emails, more casual than phone calls, and more private than social media posts. This allows you to tailor your message to your audience, share short videos and photos, and touch their hearts, which can make them feel more inclined to give to your cause.

While you begin putting your text campaigns together, keep these handy tips in mind for greater success:

  • Send your texts at an off-time like 10:25 a.m., 1:05 p.m., or 2:10 p.m. to increase your open rates. Keep time zones in mind as well.
  • Avoid sending your texts during rush hour, at dinnertime, or anywhere that could be experiencing extreme weather or a crisis.
  • Use casual language that your donors will understand. Throw an emoji or two in there while you’re at it!
  • Only send text messages to individuals who are familiar with your organization.
  • Inspire your supporters before asking them for donations. 
  • Keep your messages engaging with imagery and short videos to share your mission and show how their donations impact your organization’s efforts. 
  • Track and analyze your data to help you improve your future campaigns. 
  • Thank your donors! Additionally, make an effort to write letters or make personal calls to show your gratitude. It won’t go unappreciated!

Take advantage of mobile fundraising to help you reach your goals this year. You may be surprised by how quickly (and graciously) your supporters will respond!

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