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3 Unexpected Donor Savings

It’s happening. Little by little, you’ve begun noticing certain items adding up. Unused tables and chairs begin eating up space in the storeroom. Items that didn’t sell as well as you thought they would are strewn on shelves in the back. Before you know it, you have an abundance of products that you don’t need any longer and are taking up valuable real estate.

If you find yourself at this particular crossroad, you have three options to choose from: you can keep the inventory and store it in a warehouse, you can dispose of it, or you can donate your overflow to WIN Warehouse!

Here are 3 great benefits you’ll experience when you choose to donate your surplus products to WIN:

Up to Double the Tax Write-Off – That’s right, your company may be entitled to a double-tax write-off when you donate to WIN! Disposing inventory will only allow you to deduct its cost for tax purposes; however, a donation to WIN allows a tax deduction of cost PLUS half the difference between cost and fair market value up to twice the cost (a.k.a. a double tax write-off). In short, this means more money in your pocket for your excess inventory!

Eliminate Costs of Storing Inventory Items – Warehouse space becomes crowded and costly over time. Instead of paying for additional space to house your discontinued, returned, or slow-moving inventory or liquidating your items for pennies on the dollar, you can create more space and make room for more profitable products by donating your items to WIN! Oh, and the donation process is very simple (and free!). Just contact us regarding the items you’d like to donate to ensure that we will accept them, and we will begin the process from there!

You Help Others in Need – Perhaps the best part in donating your excess inventory to WIN is that you get a chance to positively impact the world around you. After you make your donation, we will take great care in sorting, cataloging, and storing the items. We will then make them available for our non-profit members, who serve the ill, needy, or infants in the community and worldwide every day. With your donated goods, you have the opportunity to do good and make a significant impact on all sorts of charities, not to mention receive brand name recognition as a regular nonprofit donor!

If your business could benefit from more warehouse space and significant tax deductions, call WIN today at (314) 385-3006 to learn more about this WIN-WIN-WIN situation!



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