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Bread of Life Pentecostal Apostolic Church

This year, WIN Warehouse was invited to participate in Toy Bank – a Toy Foundation program – and we knew just who to call… the Bread of Life Pentecostal Apostolic Church. The children who attended the “Holidays in Old North” event this December got a sweet surprise from Pastor Battle and his congregation.

He organized the picking up and wrapping of a pallet of toys. By the end of the event, every item was in the hands of a child. At one point, Pastor Battle was in the line to see Santa Claus to tell parents where they could get a toy for their child. He wasn’t against running out of the building to point them in the right direction either!

Pastor Battle leads his church with a heart of gold, speaks all over the country with his words of wisdom, and works tirelessly to help his community and the people in it. He blessed our Grand Reopening event in March so it only seemed right to call him first. He may just be one of WIN Warehouse’s biggest advocate voices.

“The resources aren’t always available and affordable, so WIN has helped us to manage our budget and to even budget for the various things that we want to do,” –Pastor Battle

We’ve been able to help him with numerous items suited for the church including entrance mats, folding tables, a snow blower, and, of course, other toys for the kids. He has, in turn, brightened each day that we’ve been able to spend with him.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

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