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Lake Williamson Christian Center

Lake Williamson Christian Center is a St. Louis-region retreat center for the Christian Retreats Network with a goal to “Serve one another in Love.” A longtime member at WIN Warehouse, Lake Williamson’s fulfilling mission is to joyfully honor God by offering hospitality and facilities that exceed expectations where their guests can be restored, renewed, and reconnected to God.

Beth Mahkovtz says, “Our relationship with WIN Warehouse started in a bit of an unusual way. Tony DiFranco, program director with WIN Warehouse, comes to Lake Williamson Christian Center each year for a retreat and told us of all the wonderful items available at WIN that would help us enhance and expand our ministry. So many items that we use frequently are available to us through WIN and have been such a blessing. We are thankful every day that Tony was kind enough to spread the word about WIN to our team.”

It takes a lot to keep such a large facility running and they are continuously growing. Lake Williamson offers it all from lodging, dining, and recreation that includes any kind of sport you can think of indoor and outdoor. WIN is happy to provide all sorts of donations ranging from tools to paper supplies and water heaters to tarps.

Beth also went on to say, “I have called both Tony and Jessica numerous times for additional information about a product and have never heard anything but a cheerful voice on the other end of the phone helping in any way they can. If what I am looking for is not available, they always find a replacement item or have suggestions for another product that might work for us. They are never too busy for my questions or requests, and I appreciate them so much.

“I sing their praises so loudly and so regularly that everyone in the office is familiar with their names and kindness. I had the pleasure of meeting Tony on one of his visits to Lake Williamson and hope to have the pleasure of meeting more team members as our relationship continues and friendship grows.”

We love that we’ve been able to support Lake Williamson and watch them grow each year. We are also wishing Beth a happy retirement even though we will miss her happy voice on the other end of the phone!

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” – James Matthew Barrie


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