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Fathers & Families Support Center

Twenty-two years ago Fathers’ Support Center and founder Halbert Sullivan began with a simple vision: transform fathers that were not present into nurturing parents. While the name first suited the organization, they have now stepped into their true potential and renamed the organization Fathers & Families Support Center. This new name now encapsulates the mission and the extensive programming that goes into transforming the lives in our community.

The statistics are staggering when a father is absent from the lives of his children. They most often fall into poverty, suffer with behavioral issues, have a higher risk to abuse drugs and alcohol and have the potential to become parents themselves at an early age. FFSC is combating these statistics with programming geared towards getting the fathers involved emotionally and financially. Again, as the name suggests they don’t stop there.

Other programs include Parenting in Partnership to support women in their efforts to become proactive and positive mothers, Family Formation for assistance in previously incarcerated parents and even Youth Leadership and Development to serve the at-risk youth in the community.

While the programming and mission stand on their own as important, none of this would be attainable without the passion and dedication that comes from each and every one of the employees, many of which we have the pleasure of knowing first hand. It is no secret that our relationship with Fathers & Families Support Center runs deep, especially with our partnership in the Men’s Wearhouse Annual Suit Distribution that just celebrated twelve years.

We dove a little further in when we took a tour of the facility with Charles Barnes, the Director of Community Outreach – but if you know him, he’s so much more.

The intricate balance of employees gave us a stronger sense of why this community is vital but attending the graduation got our hearts involved. We’ve experienced a little glimpse into these men and women growing through a six-week program and coming out on the other side with supporters of all kinds. It’s difficult to put into words the magnitude of care these facilitators put into these programs. It is not, however, difficult to see the transformation from the Suit Distribution Drive to five weeks later at graduation. Confidence radiates from these clients and their smiles are infectious.

As one of our biggest advocates Charles Barnes says, “Fathers & Families Support Center (FFSC) has been in a WIN-win relationship for ten plus years. FFSC assists to change the life of children, strengthen families and impact communities. WIN Warehouse has been assisting in this mission by helping FFSC participants to overcome the barriers of employment and low self-esteem.

For years, WIN Warehouse has been the resource that supports participants with clothing for work, work tools and other work accessories. This resource helps the participants obtain and maintain their employment.

WIN Warehouse also plays a major part in assisting to build self-esteem within FFSC participants. As part of FFSC’s 6-week Family Formation program that focuses on transforming men into responsible parents, participants are provided suits from WIN Warehouse. For many, this is the first time they have dressed in a suit. This helps to raise the participant’s self-esteem and confidence within themselves. This confidence enhances their self-assurance with interviewing for employment opportunities. These new employment opportunities helps them to be financially responsible and provide for their family.

FFSC is definitely winning with WIN. Thank you for making a BIG difference in the lives of so many, especially families in our community.”

Thank you Fathers & Families Support Center for allowing us an insight into the unparalleled work you are doing in our community!

“Together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa



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