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Buchanan Foundation

At WIN Warehouse, our nonprofit’s mission is to help nonprofits worldwide serve their communities. In this month’s success story, we’re shining the spotlight on the Buchanan Foundation and its founder, Rose Mary Rae.

After 40 years of contributing to the community as a healthcare professional through a private practice, Rose opened the nonprofit to ensure those in need have a place to go so they’re never without basic necessities. It takes a person with a heart of gold and deep care and patience to make such an impact on their community.

Their Mission

Founded in 2018, the Buchanan Foundation is on a mission to help underserved communities facing high crime rates, drugs, sex work, a high infant mortality rate, a lack of income, and a lack of basic needs.

The nonprofit organization develops programs to address specific community needs. Currently, they offer the following programs.

  • A Clean & Healthy Bottom – assists parents and the elderly receive the care products they need.
  • Breathe – provides COVID-19 PPE.
  • Golden Sneakers – assists newborns and grade school children in receiving necessary footwear.
  • It’s Hot Out! – provides vital resources to remain cool during the summer months.
  • One Less Empty Plate – provides food and beverages to poverty-stricken communities.
  • R.A.W (Ready, Able, & Willing) – addresses mental illness and drug addictions among youths in the community.
  • Ready to Learn – distributes school supplies to children returning to school to help alleviate the burden of lack of basic tools required to succeed.
  • Revitalization –purchases and/or renovates buildings in the community that can be used for warming/cooling and transitional space for the underserved people of the community.
  • Spring Care – distributes Easter care packages with toiletries, reading materials, and refreshments.
  • Warm N Comfy – provides clothing and other resources to keep those lacking essential necessities to stay warm during the winter months.

WIN Warehouse’s Impact

Rose became a member of WIN Warehouse in 2020 during the height of COVID-19. To date, the Buchanan Foundation has acquired:

  • hundreds of free masks and hand sanitizer during our PPE drives,
  • a variety of paper products, such as toilet paper, paper towels, and paper plates,
  • a stainless steel gas range oven,
  • affordable cleaning supplies at $1 to $3 each, and
  • items for their seasonal giveaways, including children’s books, disposable gloves, batteries, trash bags, and small tools.

The Buchanan Foundation is now a frequent shopper in our showroom. We’re always excited to see Rose, Willie, and the other wonderful people from their organization!

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