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Celebrate World Humanitarian Day the WIN Warehouse Way!

August has plenty of interesting holidays when you dig deep enough. International Lefthanders Day, World Cat Day, and National Friendship Day are just a few of the special days that dot the calendar this month. We at WIN Warehouse are ready to celebrate a truly important holiday on August 19 – World Humanitarian Day – and you can celebrate it with us, too!

Created in 2008, World Humanitarian Day is dedicated to humanitarians that work hard to bring positive change throughout the world and those who have lost their lives working for their causes. Although this day was initially set aside to promote awareness and support for international humanitarian aid workers who help others in war-torn areas, World Humanitarian Day now focuses on supporting individuals and organizations that work for the betterment of everyone as well.

This year, take this special opportunity to get out there and do good in the world around you. Here are just a few ways you can pay it forward and make a difference:

Visit the Hospitalized – Visitors can sometimes be the best medicine for the sick. Visit friends and relatives in the hospital to keep their spirits up during their stay. Make sure you follow the proper protocol by checking visiting hours, confirming your visit with the patient, and checking in at the front desk. Consider spreading the joy to other patients by calling your local hospital and inquiring about volunteering.

Care for the Elderly – If you have older neighbors, offer to mow their lawns, tend their gardens, or run errands for them. Purchase an older couple’s meal at your local diner. Check in with seniors around your neighborhood on hot summer days. These small actions can mean the world and brighten their day!

Reach Out to the Homeless – Homelessness affects people of all age groups, ethnicities, and creeds, but there are many small gestures you can make to change someone’s life. Buy a healthy lunch and give it to them. Take time out of your busy schedule to volunteer at a homeless shelter, serve them meals, listen to their stories, or play games with them.

Help Someone Down on Their Luck – We’ve all gone through difficult times, and we remember those who’ve helped us, especially the kindness of a stranger. Purchase a gift card at the grocery store and give it to the person behind you in the checkout line. Stop to help a young driver who has a flat tire on the side of the road. Send flowers to your struggling friend anonymously. Give a few dollars to the person in need of a bus ride. These minor gestures can have major impacts on the lives of those around you!

Donate to a Cause You Support – Of course, advocating your favorite humanitarian cause is one of the best ways you can celebrate! Make it a point to give a special donation to a nonprofit organization this Sunday, and consider volunteering with them in the future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate World Humanitarian Day this year! Even the smallest gestures and acts of kindness can make a world of difference.




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