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American Baptist Churches of New Jersey

WIN Warehouse is proud to partner with nonprofits to give them access to the products and resources they need. The latest success story comes from American Baptist Churches of New Jersey (ABCNJ). Continue reading to learn about this organization and its awesome cause!

Their Mission

American Baptist Churches of New Jersey, founded in 1830, has 285 churches, making up approximately 70,000 members. About 80 churches are African-American, 47 are Latino, 21 are Haitian French, 2 are Liberian, and 5 are Asian, encompassing Chinese, Korean, Indian, Filipino, and Burmese church-goers. The multi-cultural and multi-ethnic congregations seek to spread the mission of Christ through friendship, mutual respect, and cooperation.

Baptist Camp & Conference Center

One of the many ministries they own and operate is the Baptist Camp & Conference Center, also known as Baptist Camp Lebanon, located in Lebanon, New Jersey. They have retreat rentals, picnic rentals, and day meetings from September to mid-June and can accommodate any nonprofit group with 5 to 175 people. Then, from mid-June to August, they hold a residential camp for youth in Grades 1 through 12.

Since 1949, this 110-acre hideaway has been providing young people and adults with Christian spiritual growth experiences. Campers have regular worship and Bible studies and talk with counselors from all over the world to learn about Christian values.

WIN Warehouse’s Impact

A tremendous amount of upkeep is needed to move the Baptist Camp & Conference Center forward. Since joining WIN Warehouse’s program, they have upgraded their commercial cold food bar, cordless tools, fans, flashlights and batteries, foil and plastic wrap, goggles, shower faucets, vinyl gloves, and work gloves.

As staff members began returning to the office, ABCNJ wanted to purchase HEPA air purifiers for their headquarters and the camp. They turned to WIN and found exactly what they needed at 30% off the retail price.

A Note From the Director of Finance at ABCNJ

“WIN Warehouse has been a tremendous blessing to ABCNJ and the Baptist Camp and Conference Center, and working with them is such a joy,” said Michael Jackson, Director of Finance at ABCNJ. “I’m extremely impressed with how caring, attentive, and responsive they are. Program Director Tony DiFranco and Member Services Coordinator Len Demmer treat you like family.”

Make A Difference With WIN!

Corporations and nonprofits alike make differences in their communities. By working alongside WIN Warehouse, they can have an even greater impact.

If your corporation has excess inventory, donate and receive a tax deduction. Nonprofits can sign up here to access these products. Everyone can stay up-to-date on the latest news from WIN Warehouse by following us on social media @winwarehouse!

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