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Discounts for Nonprofits on Excess inventory

At WIN Warehouse, we help nonprofits save more so they can serve more. Our nonprofit members enjoy substantial discounts on everyday office or mission needs such as office supplies, cleaning products, tools, etc. We help you stretch your bottom line making donors happy with the stewardship of your organization’s finances.


We Work to Serve Those Who Serve Others

There’s Still Room at the Inn 

Room at the Inn remained open and operational throughout the pandemic, never backing down from their mission to serve. WIN Warehouse was given the opportunity to help with items such as personal protective equipment, or (PPE), cleaning supplies and many other excess inventory items for their nonprofit work. Executive Director David Weber says he always checks in with WIN first to ensure he is managing budgeted dollars effectively. 

“Working with WIN gives us more financial capacity to house more people out of dangerous elements on the streets. Providing a safe place for our clients is our number one priority. Due to the pandemic, we had to go through a large restructuring process of our programs. We also needed more resources to support the changes we had to implement for the safety and sanitation of our workers and those staying at the Inn.

Our donors love when we can work with WIN. They offer high quality products at very low prices. We are grateful for WIN and thank them for helping us to provide a clean, safe and sanitary place for each of our clients.”

David Weber, Executive Director, Room at the Inn.

Stringent Nonprofit Service Work is Very Difficult

There is incredible work going on at the organization “Harambee Youth Training” in Saint Louis, Missouri. Harambee Youth Training focuses on mentoring youth in the community and teaching tuckpointing and life skills through summer and after-school programs. They are opening doors for kids in under-served areas continually through these training and relationship opportunities.

Harambee Youth Training’s Lester Badenoch says, “I couldn’t imagine starting without checking WIN’s inventory first. You have saved us thousands of dollars which we are able to reach a larger number of kids.” (Harambee Youth Training)

Gain access to discounts for nonprofits on supplies

At WIN, we provide all kinds of equipment to nonprofits for an extremely small holding fee — often a 90% discount on retail price.  Some of our most requested items include:

  • Office Supplies
  • First-Aid Kits
  • Toys
  • Emergency Lights
  • Office Furniture
  • Cleaning Products
  • Safety Equipment
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Tools 

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Does your nonprofit need help finding supplies?

If you are in need of items that you don’t find on our product catalog, please give us a call or send us an email. We are receiving new donations each week, you never know what’s coming in next.

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Let’s see what we can do together!

“WIN Warehouse has allowed us to replace our non-functioning wet-dry vacuum, and we have also received two commercial upright vacuums in addition to several other everyday necessities. I’ve always been able to find those things necessary for building upkeep and cleanliness, project demands, community outreach, as well as tools, furniture and furnishings.” – Michael Jackson, Scotch Plains Baptist Church

About WIN Warehouse

The innovative mission was born from business executive and nonprofit leader Clinton Laws and his passion for helping others do their work of helping others while saving money. Prompted by discovering the enhanced deduction offered by the IRS for gifts of excess inventory, Clinton recognized the unique opportunity this presented to nonprofits and corporations at the same time, (a certain win/win). Nonprofits can gain access to the products and resources they need, while allowing corporations to move their excess inventory at a great benefit to the donating company.

In 1991, Clinton founded WIN Warehouse. Now, more than 30 years later, WIN serves nonprofits around the world and some of the most forward-thinking corporations in the U.S., dedicated to upholding our original values of community, collaboration and the power of good works to bring about change.

Helping in times of crises 

In the event of emergencies, be they natural disasters or pandemics WIN Warehouse steps up to distribute resources as efficiently as possible. We strive to get donated inventory to our nonprofit members quickly. Our corporate donors receive enhanced tax deductions when they choose to donate their excess inventory to WIN Warehouse. WIN distributes these items to nonprofits at a huge discount on retail price, allowing nonprofits to do more good with their resources. 

“WIN has been an exceptional partner in helping provide supplies needed to complete our projects and fulfill our mission. Countless times they have gone above and beyond to help us in a timely and professional manner.”Dave Kuntz, R3 Development

We are better together!

We want to provide as much value as possible to both our nonprofit members and our corporate donors as we all continue to work through the difficult times we are experiencing. “Our programs team came back from WIN Warehouse sharing legendary tales of hospitality! We now have one more source of support for what we are doing. Our mission is our focus and the WIN team helps us move the needle. WIN team, you definitely have every reason to be proud of what you’re doing!” Tim Hydar, Director of Distribution, The Little Bit Foundation

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