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WIN Warehouse’s Travis Laws Shares Insight and Impact on The Nonprofit Podcast

WIN president Travis Laws was recently a guest on Donorbox’s The Nonprofit Podcast, sharing WIN’s unique approach to helping nonprofits do more good. The podcast features discussions and interviews with thought-leaders and innovators in the nonprofit space to share practical tips and insights from their experience, bringing together nonprofit leaders so they can learn from one another and create more impact.

In the episode, Travis shares the ways WIN Warehouse is making an impact, including helping cut down on waste and helping retailers overcome obstacles in their returns process. He also shares some memorable stories of how donated excess inventory has made a major difference in helping their nonprofit members carry out their missions – from a guinea pig rescue to an employment program. These items can be life-changing for the people who receive them.

“These things that were in the way are now somebody else’s lifeline,” Travis tells host Cara Augsperger.

Travis also tells the story of how WIN was founded more than 30 years ago and the journey to becoming the organization it is today. 

To hear more from Travis, check out the podcast episode on YouTube, Apple Podcasts or Spotify today!

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