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WIN Product Spotlight: Tools by the Pound 2024

WIN’s anticipated Tools by the Pound event is back for 2024!

Since embarking on our mission in 1991, WIN Warehouse has remained dedicated to giving back to our nonprofit members. Year-round, nonprofit organizations can access our online catalog and on-site showroom to browse and purchase items from our inventory for a fraction of retail costs. But that’s not all!

Throughout each calendar year, we hold several exciting events that allow us to give more to our cherished WIN community—events like Tools by the Pound.

About Tools by the Pound (TBTP)

WIN members look forward to Tools by the Pound every year. We have been running this event since WIN’s early years, though the program became official in 2014. This year’s event will last through the month of April or until supplies last, taking place in our in-person showroom that houses our “toolbox,” also known as the “tool table.”

Members are welcome to visit the WIN showroom, where they can search for and select any items their organization may need, only paying $3.00 per pound of the weight of their final haul.

Why Tools by the Pound is Important

Although tools are necessary to complete projects and maintenance, they can be incredibly costly, consuming portions of a nonprofit’s budget that could have been used in a different, impactful capacity. That is why we have TBTP, where we pile the tool table high with various equipment and supplies that are invaluable to the nonprofit organizations that we work with.

While digging through the tool table, WIN members might find helpful items such as drill bits, hole saw bits, screwdrivers, wrenches, and much more! 

Fulfill Your Nonprofit’s Supply List at WIN Warehouse 

At WIN Warehouse, we provide nonprofit organizations with essential, high-quality items that help them continue serving their communities. Members can browse and shop our inventory via the WIN online product catalog or in person at our showroom, open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To learn more about becoming a Nonprofit Member, please visit

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