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East Islip UFSD


East Islip Union Free School District is located in Suffolk County, New York and educates kindergarteners through high school seniors.


In 2014, Eric Woellhof, Plant Facilities Administrator, needed to purchase updated machines along with other maintenance supplies to preserve and clean the educational facilities with a limited budget. Unfortunately, this task was more difficult than anticipated because the cost of the equipment was exponentially higher than the approved budget.


Woehloff located WIN Warehouse, a public charity that connects nonprofit organizations with corporate excess inventory, through an internet search for a necessary piece of equipment. WIN Warehouse had the equipment Woehloff needed on its e-commerce website at a significantly lower price. After some further research, Woehloff discovered that WIN provides excess inventory to nonprofit organizations for a small handling fee. Once he understood how WIN operated, he made a call to the district’s auditor and was excited to learn that education institutions like East Islip UFSD, qualify to receive product through WIN Warehouse.

This service WIN Warehouse provides helps Woehloff afford the supplies he needs to keep the schools in good condition, in turn providing a wonderful learning center to help the students succeed.


East Islip UFSD has been able to replace outdated and broken maintenance equipment as well as order additional cleaning supplies within its approved budget. Woehloff’s most recent order resulted in an estimated 83 percent savings. The majority of supplies and equipment received since 2014 is brand new to the Facilities Department as most of the previous equipment was more than 15 years old.

“Our relationship has been painless with WIN Warehouse over the past three years,” said Woehloff. “We are now able to find new, affordable equipment that allows us to preserve the condition of the schools and provide a clean, safe learning environment for the students.”

Through the district’s partnership with WIN Warehouse, the Facilities Department uses new, innovative technology that makes maintenance efficient and safe.

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