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WIN Product Spotlight: Workwear

Employees need apparel worn at work that is appropriate for the occupation, safe, and comfortable to wear.

Not everyone can afford to buy workwear. As such, nonprofit organizations look for ways to gather these resources and donate them to the community, which is why nonprofits across the country come to WIN Warehouse.

Corporations donate excess inventory to WIN, thereby saving big on taxes and warehouse space. Then, at WIN, nonprofits save money on resources, allowing them to do more good.

WIN’s Workwear Catalog

In some job contexts, workwear is considered protective wear as it serves as a barrier between the worker and potentially dangerous elements. High-visibility clothing is just one example of apparel you may need!

Here is a list of inventory that WIN Warehouse has in its catalog for workwear.

Gloves include:

  • chemical resistant gloves,
  • cold protection gloves,
  • cut resistant gloves,
  • disposable gloves,
  • powdered disposable gloves,
  • and impact gloves.

Scrubs and lab wear include:

  • collared lab coats,
  • collared lab jackets,
  • disposable lab coats,
  • disposable lab scrubs,
  • ab smocks,
  • scrub shirts,
  • and scrub pants.

Safety wear includes:

  • high visibility vests,
  • high visibility rain rib overalls,
  • lightweight water-resistant cold storage bib overalls,
  • reflective safety over pants,
  • and safety vests.

We also offer safety shoes and boots, which are only available in our showroom!

Featured WIN Warehouse Members

When deciding which nonprofit members to feature, these 4 immediately came to mind.

Bridging Families to Communities and Beyond

Bridging Families to Communities and Beyond (BFCB) has a sponsorship with St. Louis YouthBuild to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for young adults. YouthBuild originated in East Harlem, New York, in 1978. This nonprofit helps men and women ages 18 to 24 who dropped out of high school achieve a GED and develop applicable skill sets for occupational fields.

Since 2017, BFCB has visited our showroom and walked away with necessities like cleaning supplies, construction tools, gloves, jackets, safety boots, and workwear, such as safety glasses. That’s not all; their online orders have included bandsaws, fiberglass ladders, and more! In six years as a member, BFCB saved thousands of dollars by securing materials at WIN Warehouse.

Criminal Justice Ministry

Criminal Justice Ministry (CJM), which opened in 1979, has been a WIN member since May 2018. Their mission is to improve our communities by supporting and empowering those impacted by incarceration.

Our favorite stories come from the clients coming into WIN Warehouse for job readiness. WIN has worked with CJM to create a voucher for their clients to receive steel or composite toe boots for jobs. For example, outfitting 82 clients for their new starts means that, had they received the same boots at retail, only 20% would have been employed.

Fathers & Families Support Center

The goal of Fathers & Families Support Center (FFSC), which opened in 1997, is to break the cycle of poverty, child neglect, child abuse, and welfare dependence. They are dedicated to educating and preparing fathers and mothers to become responsible parents with the financial stability to support their children materially and the parenting skills to support them emotionally and developmentally.

Fathers or mothers can enroll in their core program, Family Formation. In this six-week program, they learn to become empowered parents with the necessary skills for effective parenting and co-parenting.

During the last two weeks of the program, participants are required to wear business attire to prepare them for employment opportunities. Since 2013, WIN Warehouse has been providing clothing, tools, and other work accessories including suits donated through WIN’s legendary Suit Drive. This resource has helped thousands of participants succeed in job interviews, overcome the barriers of employment and raise their self-esteem.

Mission Gate Ministry

Mission Gate Ministry, founded in 1985, is a residential program for men and women who are fresh out of prison or overcoming addiction. Its goal is to equip residents to become self-sufficient and independent within a minimum of 9 months. The nonprofit provides clean and safe housing, clothing, hygiene items, bedding, access to getting identification, and an initial food supply.

Work boots are a huge resource that Mission Gate provides for their residents. At WIN Warehouse, they have access to a variety of quality work boots that, for only $25 a pair, have gotten hundreds of their residents back on their feet in the workforce.

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