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The St. Louis Crisis Nursery is Protecting the Future: Our Children

They say that it takes a village to raise a child into a strong, confident adult. Family members, friends, teachers, coaches, and group leaders all play their part in this process. It also takes more than one person to help prevent child abuse and neglect. A chorus of proactive voices, experts in a variety of fields, and caring people with different strengths must all come together to foster safe, nurturing relationships and environments for all children. The subject of this month’s Success Story spotlight is doing just that: the wonderful people of The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery.

Founded in 1986, The St. Louis Crisis Nursery is a non-profit agency that is committed to preventing child abuse and neglect by providing short-term emergency shelter for children ages 0 to 12 and support to families in crisis. Families may voluntarily bring their children to a Nursery location for a variety of reasons including parental or sibling illness or death, a lack of utilities, food, or shelter, or any other emergency situation that could jeopardize the safety and well-being of the child. On average, children remain at a Nursery site for 2-3 days and are provided with a medical exam, developmental assessment, meals, snacks, art activities, and anything else that may be necessary in the face of a crisis.

The organization works hard to help families resolve crises, offering resources for empowerment, ongoing support, and parent education. Today, there are 5 St. Louis Crisis Nursery locations, 7 community outreach centers, and a regional administrative office. This means that more than 6,500 families receive crucial support and counseling with more than 6,800 children being temporarily admitted each year.

WIN Warehouse is proud to have lent a hand to this incredible non-profit! Since becoming members in November 2017, The St. Louis Crisis Nursery has received some of our most exciting donations to date. Their first order was a pallet of toys they received during the holidays in 2017, which helped them save more than $3,000. Last year, they received 74 cases of diapers, saving them more than $1,500 – money that can be put right back into their many wonderful programs. Both of these were first-time donations for WIN Warehouse!

If you want to learn more about how to become a member and save money like The St. Louis Crisis Nursery, please contact us at (314) 385-3006! In the meantime, read up on all the fantastic work that this non-profit is doing for the children of St. Louis by visiting them at



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