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Empowering Youth through the Greater Pentecostal Church of God

This summer, through the Greater Pentecostal Church of God, Pastor Terence Coleman teamed up with Pastor David Battle to host their first annual Carpenter’s Kids Camp. The goal of the week-long camp was to empower youth by building faith, skills, and character while learning a trade that is becoming less popular and not offered in schools as often.

Church Takes Biblical Approach To Teaching Kids Carpentry

The campers, ages 8 to 12, participated in a program that taught a general knowledge of tools, incorporated the use of scripture in the Bible, and ended with a project in the community. Each camper was expected to show up each day on time and dressed appropriately. This included safety items such as gloves, glasses, and hard hats as well as a belt. Many of these items were available here at WIN Warehouse for the church.

Campers spent the week learning the basic carpentry skills needed to make their own tool box. By the end of the week, they took a field trip to a job site. Campers learned how to be good neighbors by participating in the community which allowed them to practice the other skills they had learned all week.

“It gives you self-worth, it gives you purpose, and you can stand back and say I did something,” says Pastor Coleman. “I put something together with my hands, mind, and wisdom.” We are excited to see what this camp grows into each year and love that it’s teaching our youth self-worth and purpose.




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