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Nothing makes us happier than supporting non-profits who are truly passionate about what they do. We love being able to make a difference for these incredible organizations and become part of their stories as they change the world around us for the better. This time, we are proud to spotlight a fantastic nonprofit organization that became WIN members before being WIN members was even a thing: Ethnos360!

Formed in 1942, Ethnos360 reaches out to change the lives of people worldwide, especially the nations who have never known the concept of God or the Bible. They have had more than 3,000 missionaries serve throughout the world and have had training programs in more than 12 countries. Out of 6,500 groups of people in the world, there are 2,500 that have not been reached by a church. Ethnos360 reaches a new tribe about every 45 days, and they hope to one day reach every single group.

Of course, the organization does more than spread the Gospel. They also provide medical care, help develop communities, and promote literacy education, thanks to their generous missionaries. Working within each tribe’s unique culture and language, Ehtnos360 establishes churches from the ground up, providing a solid foundation for the community.

Ethnos360 has received several truckloads of items from WIN Warehouse every year ever since 1991 when we were founded. They became one of the first organizations to utilize us as a resource and have made great use of several donated items, including more than 1,200 components, LED lighting, ceiling tiles, electrical wire, and so much more. This year alone, Ethnos360 has saved $78,585 with the donations they received for their mission work.

The most impressive part is that they don’t just pick up items to use solely for their intended purpose – the members come up with ingenious ways to better serve others. For example, they used 150 pounds’ worth of parts from WIN to build a power supply for a solar powered tiller. This piece of machinery not only tills gardens but also helps dig geothermal trenches, and it is now capable of tilling from an ordinary 120-volt outlet!

Are you a non-profit organization that’s curious about how you can benefit from WIN Warehouse’s help? Call us at (314) 385-3006 or write us at to learn more! In the meantime, be sure to check out Ethnos360 and all the great work they do by visiting them at!

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