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Bridgeton Toys for Tots

Bridgeton Toys for Tots

WIN Warehouse is fortunate enough this holiday season to work with many outstanding nonprofit partners through our ongoing initiative, Operation Toy Deploy – Million Dollar Toy Distribution. This experience has allowed our partners to receive brand-new toys at a significantly reduced cost.

One nonprofit in particular is Bridgeton Toys for Tots. They are an organization set up through the U.S. Marines to collect and distribute new, unwrapped toys to less fortunate children at Christmas.

Bridgeton Toys for Tots’ 2020 Campaign

In November, WIN distributed $70,000 worth of toys to Bridgeton Toys for Tots. How? All Bridgeton Toys for Tots had to do was contact WIN through and become a partner. Interested nonprofit organizations can still sign up to partner with and receive toys from WIN through Dec. 18, 2020, while supplies last.

According to Gunnery Sergeant Jared Archer, the toys from WIN will help to supplement their toy supply greatly and allow them to support more children in the St. Louis area. It is especially important this year as the need is greater compared to previous years.

In 2019, Bridgeton Toys for Tots supported over 41,000 children and expect that number to be larger this year.

The unit at Bridgeton Toys for Tots is fewer than 30 active duty/reservists who run the warehouse, events, and box drop-offs. Sometimes they don’t have enough hands to get orders created as fast as the public would like, but they are Marines first and have to stay ready. Gunnery Sergeant Archer’s team works diligently to ensure organizations that request toys will receive toys so they ask for patience and trust. They are working non-stop to ensure every child who needs toys for Christmas gets toys for Christmas. “No child left behind!” The most gratifying aspect for Bridgeton Toys for Tots is being able to put a smile on the faces of tens of thousands of children throughout the area.

Want to join in on spreading the joy? If you represent a church or charity and are in need of toys, get connected with WIN Warehouse’s Operation Toy Deploy today at

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