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Referral Program

Make an introduction, Make a difference.

Get 50% off your next order with WIN's Referral Program

Just like the organizations we work to serve, we are always looking for ways to grow. Every nonprofit we partner with gives us a fresh opportunity to help new people. By distributing products to our members for a small handling fee, organizations get to turn around and pass the money they save on to the communities they serve.

That’s why we’re so proud to offer our referral program.  When you refer a new WIN member, you could save up to $500! It’s easy to participate and accessible to all our members. It also gives us a way to say ‘thank you’ to the ones who make WIN what it is - You!

Here's How it Works


Invite a friend or colleague connected to a nonprofit to become a WIN member. Maybe even send them the link to our site if you’d like to save them a step.


During the signup process, they’ll be asked if anyone referred them.


After they place their first order, you’ll both receive a coupon via email good for 50% off (up to $500) any one order.

That's it!

If you’d like a little help showing people just how much we can help them at WIN, you can click these links and share with your colleagues to give them an idea of just how much money they can save.

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