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WIN proudly serves Nonprofit Members nationwide. However, we are not just a provider of goods. We are a community. We are partners.


At WIN WAREHOUSE, we hold to the hope, the belief, and the conviction that there is a better life – a better world – beyond what exists today. We believe that a mission-minded organization can and will make a difference — today, and in generations to come. We believe that the way we serve inspires that same potential in others all over the world. So, we set our gaze on things that cannot be seen and work hard to make today a hope filled vision of what is to come.

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“I cannot thank you enough for all of this. We are overwhelmed with gratitude […]. Our students will benefit not only from the clothing, but will take pride in coming to a school that involves people like you all–strong adults showing compassion and care. We urge our students to “be the good” in the world and it helps immensely to see examples of that first hand.”

Susan McLean
Normandy School District
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We were able to access high-quality and affordable furnishings and equipment that would not have been available to us otherwise. And the service and support from staff has  always been superb!

Chris Bay, Mentor Center Director
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Our partnership with WIN warehouse has substantially decreased our costs on items needed. This has allowed us to reallocate funds to needed areas to serve our military and their families. We truly appreciate all of WIN warehouse’s donors and their ability to provide low-cost, needed items. We are honored to be a partner of WIN Warehouse.

Christine Trotter, Development Director
USO of Missouri
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WIN gives St. Patrick Center a unique way to meet our client and program needs, while delivering quality service and professionalism.

Jess Cox, Manager, Employment Services
St. Patrick Center
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We could never have afforded to buy all of them [the product we needed] at the same time without your help.

Terri O'Daniel, Executive Director
Academy of St. Louis
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